Starting at the…middle?

It’s always so difficult to start any story in the middle, but allow me to do just that. Along the way, I’ll fill in the beginning, but for now, I just need to begin where we are now.

Bo had an exciting day at therapy. I’m learning to appreciate the little things he does each day. Today, Bo went directly from sitting onto “all fours”… It would have been something certainly I would have noticed with PJ, though likely didn’t celebrate with the same mixed senses of celebration and relief.

Scott and I often talk about how we both think about how much having Bo has made us appreciate all of the little things we likely would have taken for granted with a typical second child.

Everyone gets excited over first smiles, first words, and first steps. When those things become an uncertainty, every sound, every move, every facial expression becomes a gift, a glimmer of hope to hold onto, and a potential glimpse into what the future might hold…


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