A Dream Come True


I am a published author.

My heart beats quickly as I type that, as I read it over and over again and it begins to sink in.

This is truly a dream realized.

I get giddy when I look at my Amazon Author page, when I see this incredible book up on the website, when I think about the marvelous and inspiring 49 other women I am lucky enough to be included with here.

It fills me with pride, it gives me hope, I can do this.  This is happening.

This will not be the last time I have a book with my name in it.  

photo 3

And I am happy here, now.  I am enjoying the ride.  The amazing women I have met on this journey, the talented and thoughtful writers who have allowed all of us to see into their souls, into the friendships that have made and broken them.  We have all been there. We all have these stories to share.

Stories of loving and losing, of reconnecting after decades, of holding each others hands through both the darkest and brightest of days.  So many of us call each other “sister” – whether it’s by birth or by choice.  We are in the foxhole together as we find our way as women and mothers and wives and professionals and human beings.

These are all of our stories, and they are your stories too.

Please support me and my fellow writers by purchasing this book – give it to your friends, your sister, your daughter, your mother.  Tell them that their friendship and love – that the story you have created together – means something to you.

It means something to me.

The outpouring of friendship and love and support that I have received here, means something to me.

Please consider buying a copy (or copies!) of your own by clicking on the photo of the book below, but also please tell me a story of your most valued friendship in the comments section below and I will give away a free copy to one of you – chosen randomly, as to not play favorites – that shares your tale of friendship…


  1. Sally says

    Congratulations Jamie! Such a journey you have been the past few years! So even if our many failed attempts at coffee, lunch or a quick bite never worked out, I am glad our weekly swim chats and your advice has given me the motivation, even if nobody else does see it, to feel “lighter” on a daily basis! May there be many, many, many more good things to come…..

    • says

      Thank you, Sally! I couldn’t agree more, maybe we couldn’t get past our crazy schedules to get coffee or lunch for the past three (!?) years, but I really enjoy our Tuesday afternoons by the pool together! xo

  2. Melissa says

    Hi Jamie, congrats! I have enjoyed your writing so much, and I think I would enjoy this book as well. My two best girlfriends, my college roommates (17 years ago..yikes), are incredible. After my daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome, they were the ones who showed up on my doorstep (several states away) with some absurd excuse that they would be in the area anyway (I said I didn’t want to see anyone). They made me feel like life would go on (it did) and that I could handle it. I will always be grateful for their love and support.

    • says

      Thank you to my biggest (if not most objective!) supporter… Not only do we have a love story, but one of friendship, as well. For that, I am incredibly grateful and proud. Love you, sweetheart!

  3. says

    Excellent Jamie!! I value the women who do not shrink away when I tell them my truths–like hating my husband at times; and wanting to walk out on my children, leaving nick jr in charge.

  4. Stephanie Sprenger says

    This kind of made me tear up, Jamie! I share in your joy and pride at this accomplishment. It’s because of you- and the other amazing contributors- that this beautiful book exists. I am truly proud of it and all the essays. So rewarding to see this collection of 50 unique, powerful voices telling their stories in one place. Thank YOU! And congratulations!

    • says

      No, no, no, Stephanie – thank YOU for including me! I am honored to be included among such wonderful women and writers… Yourself included! Congratulations on a job well done and well executed! xoxo

  5. anelie64 says

    My two closest girlfriends became my sisters in spirit as they helped me care for my dying mother in the last six months of her life. When they were with her, I knew she would be cared for as if I were there. They loved her better than I could and I love them more than I can express (which hasn’t stopped me from trying).

    • says

      What a lovely tribute to your friends, calling them “sisters in spirit”… It certainly sounds like they earned that title! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story here…

  6. says

    I can’t tell you how much I love those sticky notes! And funny that we never made the other Jamie connection before. We know each other from WashU. We were sorority sisters. (Can I still use that expression even though I’m almost 37?)

    • says

      Of course you can! It IS funny what a small, small world it really is… So glad we made the connection and that you and I connected as well. You’re yet another one of the amazing women I’m proud to be (figuratively) standing with! xoxo


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