New Beginnings

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When I began my journey here, Owen was still only months old — this was all still so very new. He was still so very new.

I began writing to keep close friends and family in the so-called loop, until I eventually realized that writing here was the only thing keeping me from thinking in the same tired and damaging loop.  This became therapeutic, a way to process what was happening and how I felt about it.  I had named the blog “Our Stroke of Luck” because that was exactly what I wanted it to be — somewhere to see the brighter side of things, the proverbial silver linings within what seemed like constantly looming clouds.

And then one day I got an email from a friend, one of the approximately fourteen people who read the blog at that point, asking me if she could forward the link to my blog to a friend of hers who had just given birth to a baby boy with a devastating diagnosis and prognosis.  I wasn’t sure what good my ruminations would do this other poor soul, but I told her I was fine with it.

And then I heard from that mother.

She wrote me an email letting me know how much it meant to her to know that she wasn’t alone in feeling the way that she did, that she found comfort in my words during even her darkest moments.  I remember how my heart pounded as I read her words — how in the best possible way she did the very same for me.

I have begun to believe in this karmic boomerang effect. The notion that what we put out comes back to us as well — be it good, bad, or somewhere in between.

But back then, all I knew was that I wanted to do more.  I needed to do more.  So I began sharing these posts on Facebook and then you began sharing them on Facebook.  And you sent emails, and commented, and forwarded my posts to your friends.  And this grew.

And it has grown past just being about Owen — and his stroke.  There have been too many more heartbreaking diagnoses and plenty of screaming-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-with-joy moments since then — for Owen and for Parker.  There have been setbacks and triumphs.  Since the genesis of this blog, there have been milestones surpassed that we didn’t didn’t dare hope would ever be reached.

I have written about my own struggles — both in childhood and motherhood.  Where there was once a blog with an audience of ten, there are now guest posts on publications I respect, a weekly column on a website I used to treat like my bible, an award I once barely allowed myself to dream of…and a book.  It is still unbelievable to me that I am more than halfway done writing my book.

I have grown along with my children.

As has this space.

And so I felt that it was time for a fresh start — a new look, a new name, a new address. This has all been in the works for quite a while, and I am so thrilled that everything has finally come together as I had envisioned it – maybe even better. With the creativity, talent, and patience of my incredible graphic designer and web developer, Melissa Rose from Design, Eat, Repeat, everything I had been hoping for was not only brought to life, but surpassed.

I truly hope to continue to see all of you here often and that you enjoy this new home as much as I do…


  1. says

    The new space looks perfect! And congrats on the baby center gig. It is amazing how things grow and advance from the beginning of a blog. It’s what keeps me going, too.

    • Jamie Krug says

      Thank you, Nina! It is such an exciting opportunity with BabyCenter, and I completely agree with you about the wonder of watching things grow – both for ourselves and for other writers, too! xoxo

  2. says

    I love the new look Jamie! And I totally get how blogs grow, and transform, along with our lives. I’m in process of transforming my own blog from a place where I used to focus on my daughter’s diagnosis to my own writing. It’s exciting and a little sad at the same time! But change is good or at least inevitable 🙂

    Congrats on the writing gigs! Very cool stuff.

  3. says

    Congrats on the new beginnings. I love the new look and the expanded direction. It is so inspiring to read your words and hear about your journey.

  4. says

    LOVE this new space! Congrats, lady! You’re truly an inspiration, from your writing to your posts on IG that keep us all informed of your WIP. Cheers to more words, more stories, more growth and change and sharing and inspiring.

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