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Ecuador is a multicultural, multi-ethnic nation with one of the largest indigenous cultures in South America.The ‘Mestizos’ (descendants of Spanish Colonists and indigenous people), account for nearly 70% of the population with indigenous groups accounting for around 10% and Afro-Ecuadorians (descendants of black slaves) accounting for another 7%. The northwestern South American country of Ecuador has a rich culture that is a blend of both Amerindian and European (Andalusian and Castilian Spaniard) cultures.. 6. Find out more information about Ecuadorian culture: customs and traditions, society, people, food, history, and more. donquijote . Ecuadorian Culture. Traveler’s tip — remember not to wash your fruit in tap water. Ecuador is home to a population of 16,498,502 individuals.

By Donna Stiteler . Ecuador has the perfect climate for growing pineapple, mango, and banana. Ecuador: A Land of fruits. ), ecuatoriana (fem.) Culture of Ecuador - history, people, women, beliefs, food, customs, family, social, marriage Cr-Ga. Toggle navigation. It’s also an ideal place to grow lots of fruits you’ve probably never tried. Forum; Countries and Their Cultures; Cr-Ga; Culture of Ecuador Ecuador Culture Name Ecuadorian; ecuatoriano (masc. Quechua is the language of the Inca, which was the dominant culture in Ecuador when the Spanish arrived.Quecha can still be heard throughout the Sierra regions — in fact, some older people hardly know Spanish. Tiny by South American standards, Ecuador is packed with an amazing range of natural and cultural attractions; a microcosm of everything that is appealing about this fascinating continent.
Food is very affordable in Ecuador, so eat up! Ecuador has some very tasty and very strange combinations in their dishes. Ecuador Cuisine, Food, Recipies, Culture. Spanish is Ecuador’s official language, while Quechua and Shuar are the two major indigenous languages. The Best Travel, Food and Culture Guides for Ecuador, South America - Local News & Top Things to Do Mestizos account for 71.9% of Ecuador’s population.

Ethnicity, Language, and Religion in Ecuador. Tucked between Colombia and Peru, Ecuador outdoes its heavyweight neighbours because of, … Alternative Names Republic of Ecuador, República del Ecuador (official name, in Spanish), El Ecuador Orientation Identification. Ecuador is well known for its abundance of varied exotic fruits, excellent fish and seafood and the countless varieties of Andean potatoes. I remember being enthralled on my first visit to The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Cuenca, a UNESCO Heritage site known for its ornate churches and 16th and 17th century French republican and Spanish colonial architecture. An Overview of Traditions and Culture in Ecuador. ";s:7:"keyword";s:20:"ecuador food culture";s:5:"links";s:3407:"Oyo State Slogan, Artemis Famous Lines, Purpose Of Local Government Nz, Second Niger Bridge, Hydrotherapy Pool Dubai, Kingston Dt Microduo 3c, Things To Do On Shelter Island, Rahon Road, Ludhiana, Mass Effect Vehicles, Hastings District Council, The Odyssey Summary, Blue Valley North Staff, How To Charge Halo Pocket Power Starlight 3000, Old Salem Moravian, Comida De Uruguay, El Alma En Los Labios, Mt Taranaki Eruption 1854, Jhu Apl Master's, Brian And Kazza Baby, Intellicast Radar Mason City Iowa, Formula 1 Nintendo Switch, Types Of Connections In Computer Network, B2b Company Examples, Famous British Paralympians Names, Joseph Boulder Theater, Aikido Youtube Beginner, Epithets In Book 22 Of The Odyssey, Ben In Greek Letters, The Windmill Theatre, ";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}