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Lume deodorant contains only natural ingredients including water, arrowroot powder, mandelic acid, and tapioca starch. Had some problems with b o after baby and it has really taken care of that problem for me! Baking soda is a common ingredient in many natural deodorants, but it can be a problem ingredient for many because it can cause irritation and rashes. 3.9 /5. Skin Rash From Deodorant. Lume Deodorant … No baking soda. 53% would repurchase. More reviews, photos and discussions for Unlisted Brand. price range. Excessive sweat can cause stickiness and friction around the armpit, resulting in a red, raw, and scratchy rash. JOIN THE MAYRADAIRYFREE TRIBE & SUBSCRIBE - https://m.youtube.com/user/munozfernandez85 - Previous video: https://youtu.be/V2DWRveYv4o - More of … Write Review.

Using a deodorant instead of antiperspirant will not prevent sweating and can sometimes result in a skin rash. I have to use natural deodorant so I don’t have the choice of going back to conventional.

and everything gives me a rash. Most Viewed Deodorant Products. If you experience any stinging, redness, or rash, it’s time to stop using that deodorant and give your precious pits (and, in Lume‘s case, your privates) a little break—and maybe even check in with a dermatologist if it’s bad. This doesn’t give a rash and it works.

Certain Dri 541 reviews. Of the variety of scents, you would think they would all work the same, but this and the unscented last the longest on me.

Some people have allergies and they get contact dermatitis (rash) underneath their arm.

There’s no aluminum or parabens. Tried a few aluminum free ones they gave me a rash but so far so good with Lume! Helped lighten up my skin too from past deodorants.

Since trying the Lume, I’ve gone back to my old deodorant- not because I didn’t like the Lume, but because I had several saved up and I hate wasting things >. Its unscented variants don’t contain any added fragrance or essential oils while Lavender Sage only uses pure essential oils, which are found in different parts of the plants. Native Deodorant 43 reviews. Deodorant allergy is a reaction to antiperspirant or deodorant.

Deodorant rash refers to an itchy, red, inflammatory skin rash which develops at the place where deodorant is applied. A few things to note before switching to natural deodorant: ... least 15 years. Yes, I’ve tried every single natural deodorant- Lume, Schmitts, Toms, and a couple of others whose names slip my mind. This skin rash is also known as intertrigo. Most cases of deodorant rash are caused as part of allergic reactions of increased skin sensitivity. 3.3 17 reviews.

Created with Sketch. They develop rashes from baking soda, but you won’t have to worry about that with Lume…

the natural ones just are not strong enough for my seemingly super body odor. Since 90% of deodorants and antiperspirants contain fragrances, people with fragrance allergy may have a difficult time finding a product that doesn’t cause a rash. Sometimes, the rash may be bumpy and elicit flaking, peeling, oozing, and blistering.

Lume is the first one that not only makes me stink free for at least 24 hours (and actually longer) without reapplying, but i don’t get a rash! Lume is the best!

Lume is baking soda-free and effectively controls odors without disturbing your skins’ natural pH balance.

It can create an itchy rash and may be caused by deodorant ingredients, such as fragrance and aluminum.

package quality. Lume Deodorant.

Lume lasts for 72 hours – 3x longer than regular deodorant.
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