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Papulatus can now be fought once a day for Easy/Normal (shared), and once a week for Chaos. Re-entry cooldown if failed to kill the boss: 30 minutes (measured from entrance time, not applied to practice mode).

1. Queen is a special case because you probably won’t survive 20 minutes if you can’t tank her breath to purge the flame DoT. assuming no downtime at all and the ability to do full damage, it takes about 17b dps to kill lucid in 30 min, 20b dps to kill hard damien, and about 31b dps to kill hard lotus.

Practice mode is allowed 5 times daily for Chaos mode only (shared across all the bosses). What does my minimum range need to be to Solo Papulatus. People will probably ask for more. Chaos: Level 190+, can be cleared once weekly. The required levels for entry are as follows: Level 115+ for Easy, 155+ for Normal, and 190+ for Chaos. Normal: Level 155+, can be entered once daily (shared limit with Easy mode) 3. You’ll want either 80k+ hp or more range to solo her. This is both a DPS check and a mechanics check. Note that if you do not currently have a Piece of Cracked Dimension , one will be given to you upon entry in any mode. Chaos Von Bon 1.5m to solo. 3~4m range to solo. You can no longer use the Android Shop in the Papulatus battle map. Chaos Vellum HP: 200,550,000,000 (200.55 Billion) 1.2m+ range, 93%+ IED, and be competent enough to contribute in a party. Fixed the issue where if you defeated Chaos Papulatus and tried entering again, the 30-minute entry limit message displayed before the clear limit message. Chaos Vellum 1.2m+ range, 90%+ IED, and git gud to contribute in a party. 4m+ range and 93%+ IED to solo. Papulatus. Min range to solol Papulatus General MapleStory Forum Talk about MapleStory in general PIaguedwind. Changed the size of the platforms in Papulatus battle map so that it is better for avoiding attacks. So can you let me know the min range / lvl to solo him at thanks. i was curious myself at one point. Easy: Level 115+, can be entered once daily (shared limit with Normal mode) 2. 1. Lotus Lotus Be able to solo Cvel to contribute. The easiest CRA boss, it's mostly just laying down DPS while avoiding his attacks. I want to finish the Ludi set for my codex but I dunno if I should try right now.

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