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Now East’s hand in Example 4 on p. 110 is no longer a “minimum” 1NT overcall. However in time players begin using 2C as a ubiquitous call to generally show a strong hand; the opener can belatedly make a rebid to show a long suit (responder generally begins with 2D).. The use of an opening bid of 2 , 2 or 2 to show a weak hand allows you to bid more often, especially when the opponents hold the majority of high cards.

The strong two-bid is almost extinct among good players because strong hands do not occur often enough to justify four opening bids. There is a vast store of hands and articles (including Sally Brock’s), on the EBED site and elsewhere and also the excellent No Fear Bridge, all using the previous scheme. If you have forgotten your password, use the 'Get New Password' option above. The real reason to play weak twos, however, is that they wreak havoc on the opponents' bidding.

The side four-card club suit is no problem. There are three options. This is a textbook weak two (albeit a minimum). Pass.

Double for Take-out (opening points, short in enemy's suit) Suit Overcall: 12 points at the 3 level (or 6 at the 2 … Password. It asks partner to bid a side suit with an ace or king, or otherwise to rebid his suit So overcall them if you can. Requirements Can't log in? Mr Bridge, Ryden Grange, Knaphill, Surrey GU21 2TH. Raise Partner's Suit: As the name of the convention suggests, this is a natural sign-off that requires partner to pass Bid a new suit: This is natural, shows 5+ cards in the bid suit, and is forcing for one round Bid 2NT: This is an artificial bid showing 15+ points. Exceptionally, an otherwise suitable hand with a weak 5-card major (usually no high honour) may be opened 1NT. If you are waiting for K Q J 10 9 8, you'll never get to preempt. Since there is no weak two-bid in clubs, we sometimes have to open 3 with only a six-card suit. Your opponents are weak, and have tried to mess things up for you, 'cos they fear you will make a good contract. E-Mail or Username. Get new password.

Back to Public Site ; Back to Member's Site ; Member Login - American Style Bidding. 1.1.1 Responses on balanced hands 0-10 HCP Pass 11-12 HCP With no interest in a 4-4 major suit fit, bid 2 (two-way Baron) to invite game (see Section 1.1.5). All other balanced hands in the 12-14 HCP range are opened 1NT. Weak Two-Bids. No weak two for me with that awful suit. NO FEAR BRIDGE - AMERICAN BIDDING. 2. Weak Two Preemptive Bid - In the early days of Bridge, two level bids were played as strong bids showing good length in the named suit. Bridge is a bidder’s game. The side-void doesn't bother me. I am not just complaining about the lack of revision of some of the examples. The weak two-bidder's partner usually has a fairly good idea of whose hand it is and can act with confidence that opener will not interfere with his plans. 3. We're all pretty comfortable with responding to and rebidding with weak two bids. 2. Vat no: GB 641 3847 39 ☎ 01483 489961 Company no: 923 184. See our Log In Troubleshooting page.

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