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From the first central area with the save crystal the player should see four sluice gate switches 3rd 4th 10th and 11th area.. See also: White Mousse After completing the White Mousse mark hunt and receiving your prize (Sluice Gate Key), return to Central Waterway Control. How do I reach the White Mousse? Expecting to see some dire rats on my journey to take the head (do flans have heads?)

This page contains information on the enemy White Mousse in the game Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age (FF12, FF XII). Now move through No.

Resistant to Libra. Three things to do: (1) Close the No. I have the map of the waterway but i can't seem to get to the area because every single zone from the main zone (with the … White Mousse is a Mark in Final Fantasy XII. At the end of the Barheim Passage, there is a door which leads into the south-western corner of Garamsythe Waterway. The player must complete the Wraith and White Mousse Hunts to get the control of the sluice gates in Garamsythe Waterway. The main point of coming here is hunting for White Mousse and Orthoros, getting esper Cúchulainn and Dull Fragment needed for obtaining Chaos. Next Additional Locations Great Crystal II Prev Additional Locations Dalmasca Westersand. I've tried following a couple videos on how to get to the White Mousse, but it seems every way is blocked with water. Go to the Garamsythe Waterway through the Lowtown path going to Storehouse 5. No. This enemy can be found in south-western part of Garamsythe Waterway (entrance through warehouse No 5 in Lowtown). The White Mousse mark is in the south-eastern corner. Read on to know more about White Mousse including its stats, obtainable items, elemental and status weaknesses, and more! 1 Cloaca. In the Zodiac versions, three of them are also fought alongside Orthros in Trial Mode Stage 41. Located in garamsythe waterway, but need to finish wraith and white mousse hunts firstn central waterway control, activate sluice gates no and 10o through to the end of no cloaca spur to activate a switch at the endeturn to deactivate the first two gates, then activate 4 and 11o into no cloaca spur and hit the switch at the. 10 Channel (you will have to find the path if you haven't done so but one is there) to West Sluice Control. It is very close to the location where you may have already fought White Mousse. 3 Cloaca Spur and touch the No. I'm in round area with the save crystal after entering from Lowtown. Hunt 06: Lost in the Pudding (Rank V) which involves tracking down White Mousse for Sorbet, the moogle. Easy! 10 sluice gates. Location: Where to find: Garamsythe Waterway, No. Orthros is an Elite Mark located in the Garamsythe Waterway, in the Southern Sluiceway. Waterga, Slowga, Toxify. Sorbet is located in at the Rabanastre West Gate while White Mousse is found in the Garamsythe Waterway - part of the Final Fantasy XII walkthrough and strategy guide by Jegged.com It seems like every turn I take leads me back to the round starting area at the moment.
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