It takes a village to raise a…mom?

I’m not going to pretend I was more than a little bit nervous after my last post on Friday.  I felt like I had done the emotional equivalent of standing in my local supermarket naked.  I really wasn’t sure what people would think.  Would I be judged?  Would I be pitied? Neither seemed like a [ Read More ]

Feeling a little (half) empty tonight…

Ugh. It’s been one of those days.  One of those weeks to be honest. I’m feeling quite “glass half-empty” right now. Dee (our nanny), hugged me and got all voice-shaky-and-eyes-filled-with-tears, as she left tonight and gave me some much needed words of encouragement.  Boy, are we lucky to have her. Since Tuesday or so, I’ve [ Read More ]

Mom’s Night Out… Strings Attached.

Mom’s night out usually includes a glass of wine (or two), a yummy meal, great conversation, and hefty dose of………guilt. Now, before you all start getting on my loving husband, please allow me to explain. Scott couldn’t be more supportive of me having these nights out with my friends. He’s happy that I’m getting some [ Read More ]

Breaking up is hard to do…

I had to break up with one of Bo’s therapists… Not because she wasn’t capable, or helpful, or because she didn’t have “good bedside manner”.  It was merely because there was someone better.  And that’s my job, isn’t it?  To find the doctors, caretakers, therapists, etc. that are as close to “best” as I can [ Read More ]

Momma’s Boy

Bo has been crying on and off tonight…  Scott and I were downstairs watching “Avatar” (I’m astounded by it’s amazing cinematography and sheer allegorical creativity, though not as much as I’m shocked, that we found almost three hours to stay awake at the same time sit down and watch a movie), and we heard him [ Read More ]