Putting things in perspective…

Along the same lines as yesterday’s post, I wanted to re-post something I wrote back in July when Bo was only five months old.  At that point, I had had almost half the amount of time processing all that had happened to him as I’ve had by now, and I’m actually pretty proud of myself [ Read More ]

Silver Linings…

In general, I’m a pretty positive person, but being Bo’s mom has certainly put something of a wet blanket on that optimism from time to time.  I’m doing my best to find those proverbial silver linings in otherwise sad or depressing situations. Today was one of those days… Bo had his nine-month check-up with the [ Read More ]

Seriously considering cloning (or plural marriage, or a personal assistant).

I need more of me.  Not other people to do things for me — more of me. Today, I mentioned to Bo’s PT that Scott would be off the week of Thanksgiving and would be at Bo’s therapy sessions that week.  She was really pleased to hear that and asked what I would be doing [ Read More ]

Billy Joel Really Knew What He Was Talking About…

Our Busy Little Bee

When I was younger, before I had children, I thought Billy Joel’s song, “Just the Way You Are”, was wholly associated with adult relationships and acceptance.  After having Bo, it seems that this classic (along with a slew of others), has not only taken on a completely different connotation, but can instantly bring tears to [ Read More ]

How much does it cost to fix him?

I will buy anything that might make Bo “all better”. Johnson & Johnson don’t make band-aids for this type of injury, so instead, I will go out and buy everything else that might. If they don’t make it, I will “Jimmy-Rig” it myself. Bo has had packing foam covered in cheerful and soft minky fabric [ Read More ]