A Big Week for Bo!

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леруа мерлен каталог ванны чугунные   Bo is fully potty trained! Okay, he’s barely able to contain the pee within his diaper, but he did have a huge week of firsts and milestones…  I’ll start with the little ones and work towards the big finale.  Bo had his first Thanksgiving – unfortunately, his sister has croup and his mother has [ Read More ]

How much does it cost to fix him?

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http://ntcsert.ru/projects/izlechima-limfoma-hodzhkina-4-st.html излечима лимфома ходжкина 4 ст I will buy anything that might make Bo “all better”. Johnson & Johnson don’t make band-aids for this type of injury, so instead, I will go out and buy everything else that might. If they don’t make it, I will “Jimmy-Rig” it myself. Bo has had packing foam covered in cheerful and soft minky fabric [ Read More ]