What Can Be Mended, And What Cannot.

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http://irishcoons.com/hkn/kak-ukladivat-gipsovuyu-plitku-pod-kirpich.html как укладывать гипсовую плитку под кирпич There is something to be said for those small moments, moments where there are things we can fix, band-aids to be applied, kisses to be given, scotch tape, and glue, and staples… And there is something to be said about the needle and thread I hold now in my right hand, as I clutch a [ Read More ]

Pain Layered Over Pain.

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http://www.masters.mikesinkula.com/sharre/bez-prava-na-oshibku-vse-serii.html без права на ошибку все серии Owen hurt me yesterday.  Again. He has hit me and kicked me and punched me on a daily basis for over a year now.  About eight months ago he even gave me a black eye when he sucker-punched me with his bottle one morning in bed.  My feelings about these incidents are complex and difficult [ Read More ]