Breaking up is hard to do…

follow By 1 Comment I had to break up with one of Bo’s therapists… Not because she wasn’t capable, or helpful, or because she didn’t have “good bedside manner”.  It was merely because there was someone better.  And that’s my job, isn’t it?  To find the doctors, caretakers, therapists, etc. that are as close to “best” as I can [ Read More ]

Silver Linings… By 1 Comment

соль для ванн мефедрон In general, I’m a pretty positive person, but being Bo’s mom has certainly put something of a wet blanket on that optimism from time to time.  I’m doing my best to find those proverbial silver linings in otherwise sad or depressing situations. Today was one of those days… Bo had his nine-month check-up with the [ Read More ]