Letting Go

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http://www.haskatar.com/pages/prichini-razvitiya-nauki-v-19-veke.html причины развития науки в 19 веке The other night, a series of things happened that made me laugh until I cried. I don’t mean a chuckle, I mean tears streaming down my face to the point that my eyes got all puffy afterwards and it looked like I was having an allergic reaction of sorts. These things that made me laugh [ Read More ]

Closing the Door

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образцы поздравленияс 8 марта I think I want to try to put myself to bed tonight, she told me on the way to school this morning. What do you mean?  I asked her. Since she was born, we have basically had the same routine each evening at bedtime. Change into pajamas. Tuck into bed. Sing special song. Turn on sound [ Read More ]