I Thought We Had More Time.

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как выдать права в самп в автошколе   I sad because my legs no work so good.  I no run fast like Parker. My legs no work. It’s the heavy silence that follows the bomb dropping, where all you can hear is the sound of your own heartbeat pounding out its instantly accelerated rhythm in your ears, followed by the air slowly leaving [ Read More ]

What Can Be Mended, And What Cannot.

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http://sapienz.ru/layouts/libraries/forma-r26001-blank.html форма р26001 бланк There is something to be said for those small moments, moments where there are things we can fix, band-aids to be applied, kisses to be given, scotch tape, and glue, and staples… And there is something to be said about the needle and thread I hold now in my right hand, as I clutch a [ Read More ]