Seriously considering cloning (or plural marriage, or a personal assistant). мох сфагнум лечебные свойства By Leave a Comment майнкрафт скачать с описанием I need more of me.  Not other people to do things for me — more of me. Today, I mentioned to Bo’s PT that Scott would be off the week of Thanksgiving and would be at Bo’s therapy sessions that week.  She was really pleased to hear that and asked what I would be doing [ Read More ]

Starting at the…middle? многомебели рф самара каталог By 1 Comment млечный путь китайская медицина It’s always so difficult to start any story in the middle, but allow me to do just that. Along the way, I’ll fill in the beginning, but for now, I just need to begin where we are now. Bo had an exciting day at therapy. I’m learning to appreciate the little things he does each [ Read More ]