World’s Best Mom? немецкий алфавит печатные буквы в таблице By Leave a Comment

винт вист козырная старшая карта Today, I had a long overdue conversation with my best friend in the world… Nothing remarkable was planned for this chat, and we really just spoke about what’s going on in our lives.  She’s telling me about the unfortunate and coincidental timing of her gutted kitchen setup looking eerily similar to one of the kill [ Read More ]

A Big Week for Bo!

гидротехнические сооружения основные положения проектирования By Leave a Comment план по выпуску и реализации продукции   Bo is fully potty trained! Okay, he’s barely able to contain the pee within his diaper, but he did have a huge week of firsts and milestones…  I’ll start with the little ones and work towards the big finale.  Bo had his first Thanksgiving – unfortunately, his sister has croup and his mother has [ Read More ]