Great Expectations

греция религиозный состав By 26 Comments в городе сочи темные ночи текст “Daddy, I want a baseball bat shirt, ” Owen tells Scott, as he is getting ready for bed. “You have a Yankee shirt, buddy. You wore it today, ” Scott replies, helping Owen tug on the pants to his Batman pajamas. “No, a bat shirt,” Owen persists. I hear them from the other room and call [ Read More ]

Parenting To the Lowest Common Denominator занимательные задачи по русскому By 16 Comments краска пф 266 для пола   Parker is almost six, though she will correct you immediately that she is “five and three-quarters” if she hears you say that because she is precise, and detail-oriented, and very much her father’s daughter in that way. But she is my daughter too. A daughter that I was petrified of having, and then elated [ Read More ]